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We design, convert, manufacture and distribute highly engineered adhesive tape products adding value to the many products that we sell. Ulus Tapes Ltd is the clear choice for your specialty adhesive tape needs.
Since 1983, Kimteks Kimya Tekstil Urunleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. has been supplying raw materials to different industries such as artificial leather, sole, rubber, adhesive and paint. In 1999, Kimteks, with a "Polyurethane System House" investment, started the production, sales and distribution of the main production groups: Footwear, Flexible Foam, Rigid Foam and Case Systems. Kimteks has been growing every year and has been one of the most important product suppliers in the industries it has been operating in. At the end of 2015, Kimteks, with its 36-year experience, decided to split into two companies within two different business lines: Kimteks Kimya & Kimteks Polyurethane. While Kimteks Kimya continues in the business lines of distributorship and trading, Kimteks Polyurethane, continues the production and sales operations performed within the scope of "Polyurethane System House", as a leading firm in the industry with its new structure in all processes. Being the first and wholly-domestic polyurethane system manufacturer, it continues to provide tailor-made solutions through its technology and R&D investments. With its new brand name "KIMPUR", Kimteks Polyurethane's quality and service approach keystones are continuous improvement, investment in human resources, ability to adapt to change, and strong communication networks with its all stakeholders. It's Kimpur's principle to achieve these goals without compromising the environment, human health and ethical values. KIMPUR aims to maintain its success and leading position in the industry by primarily focusing on the satisfaction of its suppliers, customers and employees.
Founded in 1989, Polin Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret AS, with specialist and experienced staff on-site has now become one of the leading companies in its field in Turkey. Polin Kimya manufactures polyurethane, epoxy, hydrocarbon, acrylic and stpehybrid production processes with the accreditation of TURKAK, TSE, UKAS and produces at ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 standards. Polin Kimya, hardwood adhesives, rubber adhesives, aromatic SBR and EPDM, aliphatic EPDM rubber binders, epoxy and polyurethane stone binders (UV Aliphatic), synthetic grass adhesives, specific adhesives curing in 30-35 sec, industrial floor coverings, sports floor coverings produces epoxy-polyurethane flooring systems, mold and filling materials, electrical insulation resins, waterproofing systems, joint fillers, polyurethane and epoxy water-based paints.
Pehlivan Kimya A.S. has been commercially active since 1993 in the field of construction and sports industry. Turnkey floor projects required for sports premises are designed and manufactured by our Company. Our company successfully implements the manu­facturing from primer to final coat including sportive premises equipment, volleyball and tennis grounds for sports premises where our children and youth might get a chance to improve themselves. Our company has underlined a successful and qualified manufacturing and rendered itself exporting half of its production to international market. Polyurethane and acrylic coating materials with various applications are served to numerous companies in Anatolia in raw material form. Our company has been gradually improving itself with every single day on a professional level in the field of sport and industrial coatings and dedicates itself to provide the best quality production to its clients. Pehlivan Kimya has developed a remarkable expertise on tartan tracks, jogging courses, synthetic pitches, acrylic floor coating and furthermore, working on alternative manufacturing methods like polyurethane materials of which no production exists in Turkey yet . At present, our own product, dual component polyurethane based synthetic pitch glue is used in Turkic Republics, Middle East and throughout Turkey. As a conclusion novvadays we have export to 38 countries in the vvorld. Pehlivan Kimya is capable of manufacturing shock-pad glue required for indoor sports halls, upper layer sealer and self-levelling polyurethane materials. Our aim is permanently sustaining our principles of quality and honest service approach. We will be pleased to serve you with our young and dynamic team.
Our company was founded in 1960 under the name Basar Ticaret Refik Tarakci, and has been trading starch and starch derivatives since then. In 1982 the name was changed to Basar Commerce and Food Industry Company. We have serving different kind of adhesives regarding the paper, packaging, corrugation, core, lamination and tube manufacturing sectors. With the progressive R&D center, we are always looking for customer's needs and solutions in order to going further from one step more....
Cyabond is a leading provider of adhesive chemistry solutions for the global manufacturing marketplace. Cyabond's multi-disciplined team of application engineers, product development specialists, and chemists realize that your product design solution is unique; and therefore your adhesive solution must be as well. Cyabond's applications engineering team will help you take your product concepts from paper to production with a focus on reducing your finished part costs, increasing your production efficiency, and improving your product's end-use performance.
** ### ATC GROUP OF COMPANIES ** **1. ATC TEKSTIL INSAAT SANAYI PAZARLAMA VE DIS TIC LTD STI** ATC is a family - owned bussines. since 2006 Integrated sustainable business partnerships in foreign Trade Textiles and Construction Contracting.. **MISSION;** To stimulate integrated sustainable business development through the provision of knowledge, skills and creativity among exporters of Europe to buyers of Middle East, Africa and Arab Gulf peninsula. **Aims and Objectives;** > •To identify, facilitate and develop competitive opportunities in the Textile and Construction Contracting sector. > •To provide resources and information about the selling market trend to potential buyers. > •To negotiate and materialize credible sales contracts ATC CO. LTD. Has been operating in Hatay andcontinues to take the lead with the references that it exhibits in the construction sector and regards as a power source. The ATC now produces upholstery and furniture fabrics, jacquard and curtains in addition to table clothes and ready-made curtains. ​ Our products are made by high quality machines. Producing special designs to meet with the customer demand even in small quantities. Selling exclusive designs. Short time delivery. **2.TERMA YAPI KIMYALLARI** Since 1988, ATC TERMA LTD. Has been operating in Hatay andcontinues to take the lead with the references that it exhibits in the construction sector and regards as a power source. The construction that started in 2009 continues to produce in the chemical sector, as of 2013 under the name TERMA in Adana. Our factory, which has a total of 12.000 m² open area and 5200 m² closed area and has a daily capacity of 180 tons, is continuing its production with all its professional staff without sacrificing quality in all construction, industrial and insulation group production construction chemicals epoxy (primer, flooring cuat, self leveling, tixotropic, metalic, paint) ceramic (tile) adhesives reinforced concrete and ground paint (exterior, water base glass, finger , gouache, hobby, acrylic ) glue (water base, wood, multipurpose) gel for game , hobby metarials antifoam waterbase and similar chemicals The TERMA now produces construction chemicals. Our products are made by high quality machines. Producing special designs to meet with the customer demand even in small quantities. Selling exclusive designs. Short time delivery.
BETA Kimya A.S., founded in 1987, took its first step into adhesive industry with the production of furniture glues. BETA Kimya A.S., always adds value to the chemical industry with its superior quality adhesive products. BETA Kimya A.S. continued its rapid growth with the Apel and Mitreapel generic brands. Today, BETA Kimya A.S. has expanded its product family with more than 100 different varieties produced.